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Photo Tracking GPS

The BC GPS Store offers  photo tracking GPS systems. Tag your photos while on the go or in the bush and overlay them with your GPS coordinates! The photo trackers are perfectly designed for all your outdoor adventure  and traveling needs! Ideal for travelers seeking photo tracking functions. The Gisteq trakr along with the Tripbook milage tracking systems are among the most favoured amongst our Canadian Customers! At our store you will also find a variety of GPS accessories!


Gisteq Photo Trackr GPS (theBCGPSstore.ca)
Gisteq TripBook TB 100 (theBCGPSstore.ca)
Gisteq Photo Trackr GPS (theBCGPSstore.ca) Gisteq TripBook TB 100 (theBCGPSstore.ca)
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SKU: Gisteq-TB100
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The GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr is a photo tracking solution that integrates digital photo with location information for online digital mapping and photo sharing. It also provides trip recording and playback function.

The GiSTEQ TripBook TB-100 is a milage tracking solution that provides convenient milage data logging and creates IRS conforming logs. These units are great for business as well as for personal use.