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Weekly GPS Hints

This week's hint is:

Did you know you can view Topo Canada on your Garmin Nuvi GPS? Buy Topo Canada from The BC GPS Store, load the software onto your computer and transfer the selected Topo maps onto your SD card or Micro SD card. Plug the card into your card slot of your portable Garmin Nuvi GPS. Simply go into your Map Info page, de-select City Navigator NT and now you will see the Back roads and back country!

This weeks hint:

For the GPS Backroad Mapbook software, when you buy the DVD version, which is the same price as the SD card version, you can easily make a mistake while unlocking the software by choosing GPS as the location you want to unlock the software to.  The best method is, if the GPS you are using comes with a SD Card slot, just put the SD card into your computer card reader and unlock the software to your SD card. Should you choose the GPS as the software location and your GPS for some reason no longer functions, you will loose the software. By unlocking it to the SD card, you will always have the software and can use it with any new Garmin GPS with a SD Card slot, as the software is locked onto the SD Card.